At the dawn of ages
there was nothing,
neither sand nor sea
nor cool waves:
earth was found nowhere
nor the heavens above,
and grass was nowhere
to be seen,
only the great void
of yawning chaos.

An exploration and re-imagination of the Norse mythologies that tell of the Völuspa, a seeress, who told of the past, present and who prophecised the future; Ragnarök, the fate of the gods. A short three-part essay and a series of images.
SEER OF THE NORTH / Publication / 2020
"The sagas and stories abound in supernatural views of the world in which dragons, sprites, shape shifters,
shamans, witches, and giants populate the Nordic islands and in which magical practices and dreams,
a driving force behind the course of events, play a key role. It is an enchanted land where folklore,
gods and magic was a fundamental part of existence."
SKIN OF THE SEER / Detail of embroidery / 2020
MASK OF THE SEER / Detail of wool / 2020
MASK AND SKIN OF THE SEER / Wool, linen, cotton / 2020