Sustained Breating / Strained Soul: A soliloquy on the nature of seclusion and the volatility of existence; seen through the eyes of an abstract myth.
The work intertwines thoughts of death and identity with mythical beings and curious worlds found in Swedish stories and folklore. Featuring throughout the soundwork is an old reed organ that was once used by my great grandparents, dusty and weathered from years of neglect. The organ becomes a new entity by merging itself with the abstract myth risen from ancient times, from a place that lies deep beneath and deep within.
"She is death, the inevitable change, life's impermanence and the end of all things. She is wonderful, and terrifying."
Work commissioned by Miasma & Look Again (Terra Incognita) as part of the Wonderland Festival, Thursday 8 – Sunday 11 September 2022, Aberdeen. 
Sound broadcasted to earthly and unearthly critters via
The stories of soil, rotting wood, blood and bone is uncomfortable, it crawls beneath us and within us, oozing out of soil and skin. The subterranean landscape is in this narrative a place of grief, anger, and fear caused by the uncertainties of our era, but it is also a place of comfort and refuge. This piece is a mix of found, recorded, and created noise and ambience, layered and merged into a speculative journey through underground caverns, a narrative set outside time.
Aired on RADIOPHRENIA 2022(, submitted as part of their Open Call.